Irrigation Maintenance

Welcome to ecogation offering earth friendly solutions for organic fertilization and helping you to maintain an efficient sprinkler system that will help you use less water and save money. We work with residential and commercial customers throughout Marion County and surrounding areas.

ecogation specializes in several aspects pertaining to Irrigation systems:


With over 10 years of experience you will not be disappointed when you call on ecogation to help you maintain your sprinkler systems and help you to find solutions that will bring you a beautiful, healthy lawn while saving you money and providing you with environmentally safe solutions.

Unique Features

ecogation is committed to utilizing “green” technology in the services offered.  The other unique aspect of this business is the commitment to quality and professionalism on even the smallest repair job.

Water Conservation

Often the biggest use of water by people is outdoors for lawn and landscape irrigation. To find a balance in our uses of water and the needs of nature, water conservation must be a part of people’s everyday practices. Using water wisely in our landscapes is one way to help find that balance.

As the demand for water increases, homeowners and business owners need to remember to conserve water through proper irrigation. Improper irrigation invites disease, increases the need for fertilizer and waste water. Here are some easy things to remember when irrigating.

  1. Determining when water is needed.
  2. Determining how much should be applied.
  3. Deciding how water is to be applied.